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  Pivot For Startups

06th October 2018 @ Time: 09:30 AM - 01:00 PM


When Do You Know It’s Time For Your Startup To Pivot? The truth is every startup pivots. The business model, market and idea pivoting are essential steps in a startup’s journey. It is vital for you as a startup to ask questions like: What am I planning? What is the success rate of a Startup pivot? Is pivoting very common? What are the common pitfalls when pivoting? What are the golden rules of pivots? 

Pivot is pivotal to success. ‘Thinking beyond what you see’, facilitates the organisation to reach newer growth heights and discover lucrative pathways to achieve greater fortune. It is important for a company to do a routine analysis of their assets and talents, and closely monitor consumer behaviour. Pivoting enables the organisation to reimagine itself in a completely different perspective; captivating fresher boundaries. Initiating a product in the market and creating its brand name, takes a considerable amount of time, efforts and attempted-failures. Pivoting at the right time could benefit the company from getting into further casualties.

Even after all these efforts is your product still not meeting the demands of the intended market? Pivot For Startups is an event platform that will equip you with all the necessary tools to plan, assemble, and execute the best pivot strategy. Some of the most experienced industry professionals will uncover the secrets to successful pivoting. Do you want to improve your pivoting skills? Whom better to learn from, than the wizards of pivot themselves?


Naveen Reddy

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